Public speaking is one of the fundamentals of executive presence. We’ve all witnessed women like Oprah, Michelle Obama and Indra Nooyi eloquently captivate audiences with their wisdom, style and grace. Yet, for many talented businesswomen and female executives, it’s their final frontier. They’ve risen up through the ranks into powerful positions. They know they will not truly reach their full potential, or be taken seriously as a leader, until they’ve mastered the art of presenting and speaking in public.

Whether it be speaking at a conference, pitching for new business or even addressing key stakeholders, communicating strategically one-to-many – in a way that is captivating, engaging and memorable – is imperative to leadership effectiveness and organisational growth.

Fear of Public Speaking: Why Women Lose Out

The fear of public speaking is widely acknowledged as one of our most common phobias. But the anxiety around it affects the sexes differently. Public speaking is a particularly challenging skill for women in leadership to master.

While women make up 46 per cent of Australia’s workforce, it is estimated that they form less than 15 per cent of panellists at industry events across the country.

External biases ingrained in our society favour men as spokespeople.  Males make up the majority of speakers at conferences, industry events and public forums.

Many women also wrestle with a lack of internal self-belief and confidence that affects their ability to seize speaking opportunities. Research shows women often suffer from “imposter syndrome”, where they don’t feel qualified enough or believe they will be seen as a ‘fraud’ even though they are more than capable.

Presenting for Persuasion specialises in giving businesswomen and female executives in high-level positions the strategies, support and self-confidence to step up and stand out on any public stage and shine as leaders.

Kylie Bartlett


The 5-step Presenting for Persuasion Program has been specifically designed to address the presentation skills and public speaking challenges women in leadership are facing today. It helps participants powerfully articulate their vision, experience and wisdom essential for leadership effectiveness.

Reinforcing the belief that executive presence is built from the inside out, we first get your mindset right by helping you overcome self-limiting beliefs. From there, we build out your presentation design and delivery skills.

Using globally renowned neuroscience techniques, this program is for any businesswoman who wants to inspire an audience into action, expand their influence, build their profile, create persuasive presentations, and reach their full potential.

Practical and interactive, this program will equip you with the strategies, support and self-confidence you need to step up and stand out on any stage.

At the end of the program, you will walk away with:

  • A 60-second elevator pitch that you can use when asked that all important question “what do you do?”
  • A 5-minute business pitch you can use at scheduled and impromptu functions, events and meetings
  • A structured 45-minute keynote presentation that can be adapted for various occasions, such as conferences, public forums and events
  • Exceptional presentation skills based on neuroscience that will transform you into a compelling, memorable communicator
  • Some of the most critical communication skills you need to advance your career, enhance your professional profile and drive organisational growth.



Presenter Style

We start with helping women overcome their fear of public speaking and limiting beliefs to find their authentic voice and unique presenter style.


Presentation Profile

We explore who your typical target audiences are (key stakeholders), what their biggest problems are, and how you can solve these problems via your presentation.


Script Structure

Based on your presentation profile, we find the spine of your design (your presentation theme), on which to peg your ideas, stories, messages and multi-media (visuals, audio, video) to.


Stage Craft

We coach you on how to take your presentation design and deliver it with impact by giving it the “entertainment factor” – body language, voice, drama, story-telling, performance, humour and timing.



We take everything you have learned from the previous 4 steps and now give you the opportunity to present to camera to help you refine your skills.

Addressing the Gender Gap: An Invitation

Have you got a big idea, message or innovation that you’d like to share with the world, but you feel you’re not being provided with enough opportunities (both by your peer group and self-imposed limitations) to share and present it?

You’re not alone. The Panel Pledge is a national government initiative that seeks to address the gender imbalance for women in public and professional forums.

Presenting for Persuasion supports this national priority by helping businesswomen feel confident to put themselves forward for more speaking and presentation opportunities. Join us on our mission to address the gender gap, support women to advance their careers and help organisations grow.

Kylie Barlett – Public Speaker and Presentation Strategist

Kylie Bartlett is a strategic alliance partner of The Ascension Group. A public speaker, communications coach and presentation strategist, Kylie uses neuroscience to help corporate leaders shape their key messages and ideas into persuasive presentations that lead their audience to action.

She has been speaking, training and coaching for over 20 years as an international keynote speaker and as the founder and training director of one of Australia’s leading Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).  An accredited neuro-linguistic-programming (NLP) Trainer and a certified cognitive neuroscience 4MAT™ Trainer, Kylie has delivered over 1,000 presentations and coached hundreds of clients on how to do the same.

Kylie has worked with some of Australia’s largest corporate organisations, such as Westpac, Hostplus Superannuation, Cbus Super, Loan Market, Mortgage Choice, Ray White Real Estate, Sydney Cricket Ground, Helloworld Travel, REIV, Vero Insurance but to name a few.

Whether it’s a boardroom or a ballroom, over 5 minutes or 5 days, from dealing with resistors to rebels, Kylie can teach you how to not just “wow a crowd” but move them to action.


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