Our 3-step transformation process is a change process which guides the leader towards greater performance.



The first step to elevating executive presence is awareness – of self and of others’ perceptions. Using the PQ™ – Presence Quotient® Proprietary Diagnostic Tool and the Bates EXPI™ 360 Executive Presence Assessment Tool, we successfully help women in leadership uncover their blind spots and get a comprehensive view of their leadership presence.



Based on the discoveries from the previous step, we then offer customised presence training programs. These will support you to commercialise your value and leverage your strengths for greater business and personal outcomes. We’ll cover everything from your professional brand and executive style to your range of leadership qualities.



This session is about applying your new skills in your day-to-day business interactions and communications. By the end of Step 3, you’ll learn to influence, engage and inspire others as the leader you were born to be.


Are you on the verge of burnout?

Burnout is real. I know because not only have I witnessed many of my clients go through it, I too have experienced it. As a result of moving away from my core mission last year, simply trying to be everything to everyone, I lost balance in my business, which quickly affected other areas of my life, including my health, and those around me.

I found clarity by shutting out all the NOISE, which allowed me to get back to my roots, and to really clarify what brings purpose and fulfilment to my life and I can show you how to do it as well.

My experience can be yours to learn from and as your mentor I can help you regain control and direction.

Find out which assessment tool works best for you