POP TV with Melissa Lewis – Episode 11

In this week’s episode of P.O.P TV we’ll be talking about the last behavioural characteristic that underpins your professional brand: Your Values

So why are your values so important? Well they determine where we spend your time and money! When we truly understand what ignites and excites us, what is purposeful and meaningful to our career and life, we’re then in a much better position to make the right choices about where, whom and what we do in life, including our career.

While some people find they’re happier switching high-power business careers for lower-paying or more altruistic ones; the fact is finding a position that feels meaningful varies from person to person, depending on what you value most. This is part of what drives your personal power. When we dig a bit deeper we actually discovered that many professionals lacked presence because of a disconnect between their values and the organisations.

Despite having seemingly ‘made it’ in their roles, there can be a huge gap between their personal values and the organisations. This causes many to feel increasingly frustrated and lose confidence after all their hard work feeling, constantly tired and drained, requiring to take sick days. If this is happening to you then you may need to reassess the environment you are working in.

The fact remains that when people pick jobs that fulfil their basic psychological needs, motives and values, they immerse themselves more in their work, are happier and their productivity rises. But getting there isn’t as simple as just chasing your passion. It takes some strategic thinking and foresight.

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