7 Confidence Tips for Business Women

For women working in a competitive business environment, it’s never been more important to feel confident within yourself and make sure that your presence matches your capabilities.

Here are 7 tips to help you elevate your professional presence and present yourself with confidence:

1. Own your credibility. Set any self-doubt aside and believe in yourself. You are already an accomplished professional with plenty of experience, so back yourself with confidence. Be proud, not only of your qualifications and accolades but also your personal strengths and emotional intelligence.

2. Power of mindset. Self-talk is imperative to manage the noises in our head that at times can sway what we think about ourselves and our capabilities.

3. Take control over what you can. You may not be able to control everything, so focus on what’s in your power. This will greatly impact everything else. Let go of the things outside of your control, they are just taking up valuable mental energy!

4. Prepare. Preparation is the key for all of us to feel internally confident which in turn allows us to communicate in an effective clear manner. This is because we have put time and thought into our intentions and objectives. Preparation is the key to feeling competent and confident. Do not undervalue this! Whether it’s a meeting, an interview or even a party, prepare any elements you can so you walk in knowing that you’ve got all your bases covered and can relax.

5. Dress the part. When you look and feel amazing, you will exude confidence, so choose outfits that flatter your best features and make sure that you are maintaining the appropriate ‘look’ for your industry. This helps to create trust and reinforces your credibility. When you consistently dress for success, you send a clear, congruent message about who you are and where you want to go.

6. Practice the physiology of confidenceStudies by well-known Harvard professor Amy Cuddy have shown that posture has a direct impact on key hormones like testosterone, which increases a person’s confidence. Try a daily practice of two-minute “power postures” such as stretching your arms out like you’re getting ready to hug someone, holding your arms up with clenched fists, or standing nice and tall with hands on hip

7. Focus forward. To get where you need to go, stop worrying about the who, what, when of others. Focus is the key. Write a list of your goals and then break it down on how you will achieve them. Diarise this.

These sound so simple. In fact they may be things you’ve already thought of or already do. But consistency is key. Implement these elements into your everyday life and really take note of any shifts you feel.


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