POP TV with Melissa Lewis – Episode 12

Welcome to another episode of POP TV.

So far we’ve looked at Commercial Demeanour and Professional Brand as two essential ingredients for elevating your presence.

Executive Style completes the picture as the third principle. We’ve left the ‘easiest’ till last, in the sense that executive style is something most people can get their heads around. It’s tangible and readily observable – at least some parts of it.

A more accurate and complete definition of style is how you inspire others to take on tasks and get things done without consciously trying. Your unique executive style is what people see and experience from you immediately. Its how others perceive you, literally within less than seven seconds of meeting you.

Your style matters greatly in your ability to drive organisational change. This doesn’t mean you have to be an introvert or extrovert. What it does mean is if you want to be a leader who engages, motivates and has an interactive style to navigate your team through challenges, your style must be congruent, connecting your physical presence with your leadership effectiveness.

If there is a disconnect between your style and others’ expectations, people will perceive you as ineffective. They will doubt your leadership qualities, which could get in the way of you being seen as having ‘leadership presence’ and ready for that next career step.
In the next episodes I will dive deeper into what makes up your executive style, impressions, authenticity and image.

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