POP TV with Melissa Lewis – Episode 13

In this week’s episode of P.O.P TV we’ll be talking about the importance of Impressions in relation to how your presence is felt and remembered by others.


It’s not unusual to find that our intentions and the impressions we leave on others are not always fully aligned.  Often, we can be misunderstood without even knowing it, which is detracting us from cultivating the executive style we are more than capable of having.


Your impressions are based on how others perceive your authentic, physical and emotional connection with them. Your impression on others matters because it sets the terms of how people will interact with you.


So the moment that a stranger sees you, his or her brain makes a thousand computations: Are you someone to approach or to avoid? Are you friend or foe? Do you have status and authority? Are you educated and intelligent? Are you trustworthy, competent, likeable and confident? Do I want to work with you?


That’s why to perfect your executive style; you need to be in command over your behavioural communication. Appearance will matter, but your body language can make or break a particular deal. Ultimately, your first impression is the most important one you’ll ever make


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