Cracking The Executive Presence Code At The Ascension Group

Until now Executive Presence has been that mysterious X-factor in leadership that was hard to measure, summed up in the oft-repeated phrase: ‘I know it when I see it’.

So what is presence? Is it the ability to command a room? Is it gravitas? Is it simply great presentation skills or ability to build rapport? Is it about the right clothes? A firm handshake?

Some people may be sceptical about measuring presence, and it’s understandable given that there hasn’t ever been a well-researched model to measure it before. We previously relied on observation, anecdote and guesswork.

Now we have a tool that cracks the code. It validates and measures your Executive Presence and your unique self. This will close the gap between merit and success.

The Ascension Group, has brought the first science-based model to measure Executive Presence to Australia. We have partnered with Bates Communication as well as Jenny Hoysted, director of Workforce Planning Coaching to empower high potential women and leaders to elevate their Executive Presence, through developing their personal brand to influence and drive business outcomes.

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