Executive Presence: What Is It? Do You Have It? Can We Measure It?

As you move forward in your career, you stand on an even bigger stage. What got you here in the first place – a combination of technical skills, business acumen and drive to succeed – will only take you so far.

In the ranks of senior leadership what matters most is your ability to influence, engage, align and inspire people to act.

But what are we all measured on? RESULTS

It’s time to use a tool to understand and validate the behaviours and qualities of executive presence.

What makes executive presence difficult to nail down is its breadth. It’s not simply qualities of mind and personality people looked for. They cared deeply about character, things like integrity and humility. They looked for indications of substance like wisdom and vision, but also the ability to connect (resonance). In terms of style, they wanted an active, energetic presence that engaged everyone and got tough jobs done.

Given all these factors, no wonder that many leaders have trouble articulating what they really mean when they talk about what executive presence is–let alone how to develop it.

Melissa Lewis the founder of The Ascension Group, has a tailored approach which includes using the world’s only science-based assessment tool for Executive Presence, (Bates Communications’ EXPITM), her own proprietary diagnostic tool PQ® (Presence Quotient ®) with 15 facets to identify the behaviours required to be a great leader which extend to our CHARACTER, SUBSTANCE AND STYLE.

What’s exciting is that now you can measure and appreciate your strengths and tackle your development themes in executive presence. to achieve greater business outcomes.

Why not find out yourself take the PQ® Quiz now.

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