High performing women missing their ‘X Factor’ – How to find their PQ (presence quotient*)

For those of you thinking you’ve never heard the term PQ (presence quotient) you’re probably right!

This isn’t a mainstream or even very well-understood area. But it should be! This is the missing element helping hundreds of high performing, driven women working in male-dominated industries.

For too long, women of great substance have been overlooked or misunderstood. It was almost never due to a lack of skills or qualifications. Executive Presence is a term that is becoming more used, but it has never really been properly defined.

It still remains a mysterious ‘X Factor’ in leadership. The closest we come to intuitively understanding it is to say: “I know it when I see it.”

I have found that there are THREE COMMON CHALLENGES women face in their attempt to achieve greater Executive Presence.



  1. Communication Skills – They’re highly qualified, intelligent and hard-working, especially in dog-eat-dog environments. Yet, despite this, people with lesser credentials are getting greater opportunities than them. They haven’t prioritised developing their ‘soft skills’, which is causing them to come across as unassertive, unpolished or uncomfortable. They find themselves vulnerable and questioning: “Do I really belong here when all my efforts are overlooked?”


  1. Meaningful Impact – When they walk into a room full of men, they feel invisible despite knowing they are capable of adding great value to the conversation, so they default to playing the smaller game of ‘blending in’. They get frustrated with themselves for not being able to create a memorable impression that showcases their commercial acumen. They wonder: “How can I stand out in a way that’s true to me and get the recognition I deserve?”


  1. Personal Image – They believe that a book should not be judged by its cover and that too much emphasis is placed on the ‘right look’, which they deem superficial and irrelevant. But they are beginning to realise that just having the goods on paper isn’t enough and that to gain a competitive edge, they also need a personal image that complements their leadership position. They find themselves saying: “How do I present myself like a woman who means business?”


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