Does your wardrobe complement the exceptional woman that you are or is it holding you back? Are you tired of wearing the same old clothes? Imagine feeling excited about getting dressed every morning. Imagine waking up to a wardrobe that truly reflects who

For those of you thinking you’ve never heard the term PQ (presence quotient) you’re probably right! This isn’t a mainstream or even very well-understood area. But it should be! This is the missing element helping hundreds of high performing, driven women

Confidence do you have it? In this week's episode I will be talking about the third and final behavioural characteristic that underpins having commercial demeanour: Confidence is one’s inner, self-belief that remains stable and durable regardless of the outer situation. It’s like

Is your conversational style working for you? In this week's episode I will be talking about one of the three behavioural characteristics that underpin your commercial demeanour: Conversations. Conversations are how our thoughts, feelings and ideas are expressed, questions are asked and