POP TV with Melissa Lewis – Episode 8

In this week’s episode I will be talking about the second essential principle that forms part of Principles of Presence: Your Professional brand.

Having a professional brand is your ability to demonstrate your USP (your unique substance proposition) to the world by articulating your professional values, influential style and leadership wisdom.

A strong personal brand can change the face of how you do business, the depth and breadth of your message, and the salary you can command while doing what you do best in your industry. The good news is, you already have a personal brand. In fact, you are a brand.
Over the next few weeks we will dive deeper into the three behavioural characteristics that we have identified to underpin your professional brand;
Your substance, which is what makes you….YOU! This is about mastering the art of articulating your qualifications, breadth of experience, expertise, talents and the credibility you have built over your career.

Influence is about having an effect on the character, development and behaviour of others. It determines what gets done in relation to your clients, tasks and colleagues
Values truly understanding what ignites and excites you, what is purposeful and meaningful to your career and life, you’ll then be in a much better position to make the right choices.

If you want to see how you professional brand is measuring and learn more about our Principles of Presence be sure to try our free PQ quiz
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