POP TV with Melissa Lewis – Episode 4

Welcome to another episode of POP TV.

Today I’ll be sharing with you the first principle Commercial Demeanour that forms part of our three principles of presence Having commercial demeanour is all about your ability to influence others through the quality of your conversations and your level of composure and confidence.

Having worked with hundreds of talented women we identified 3 behavioural characteristics that underpin commercial demeanour. The first behavioural characteristic is conversations. Conversations is how our thoughts, feelings and ideas are expressed, questions are asked and answered, and news and information are exchanged.

The quality of your professional relationships is determined by the quality of your conversations. The second behavioural characteristic is composure. Composure is a calm, self-possessed state of mind, when navigating difficult challenges. Composure or lack of it can detract from your leadership presence as you may not be remembered for your ability but rather your emotional state.

And lastly, Confidence! Confidence is one’s inner, self-belief that remains stable and durable regardless of the outer situation. Over the Next few weeks we will be exploring in more depth how the 3 behavioural characteristics: your conversations, composure and confidence impact the way your commercial demeanour is being perceived by others. If you’d like to learn more about our Principles of Presence be sure to try our free PQ quiz http://ow.ly/EeUs50jHWTh