POP TV with Melissa Lewis – Episode 7

Confidence do you have it?

In this week’s episode I will be talking about the third and final behavioural characteristic that underpins having commercial demeanour: Confidence is one’s inner, self-belief that remains stable and durable regardless of the outer situation.

It’s like a lighthouse, that gets battered by the weather, but it still manages to shine brightly. Having self-confidence means you aren’t afraid of getting the ball rolling, taking bold actions and being decisive in all situations. One of the most important qualities a woman can have is confidence. But recent science tells us that confidence for women in leadership isn’t as common as it is in men. Whether it’s ‘leaning in’ or simply ‘standing out’, my experience with hundreds of talented, driven women is that they tell themselves “I wasn’t good enough”, where as a man often blames a failure on an eternal factor unrelated to himself.

If you are wanting to regain your confidence start to first invest in things that make you feel happy, healthy, educated and skilled. If you’d like to learn more about our Principles of Presence be sure to try our free PQ quiz that will outline for you, which principles (tyres) you might need to pump up. https://theascensiongroup.com.au/pres…

Thank you for watching POP TV, until next week keep being fabulous.