POP TV with Melissa Lewis – Episode 9

In this week’s P.O.P episode I will be talking about one of the behavioural characteristics that forms part of our Principles of Presence…your SUBSTANCE!

Your Substance is what makes you….YOU! This is about mastering the art of articulating your qualifications, breadth of experience, expertise, talents and the credibility you have built over your career.

What does it mean to be a ‘woman of substance’?
Interestingly, what we’ve discovered from our years of experience, is that women generally do not lack substance or the qualifications they need to get to the next level in their career. The problem lies in something far deeper. It’s not that women need more substance. It’s that for some (and you may be one), it’s been difficult for others to consistently recognise and value your unique substance for different reasons.

You may be ‘playing small’ during meetings. Maybe you find it a challenge to crystallise your wisdom, or you don’t often get asked to share your insights, even though you’re more than qualified to do so.

At meetings, if you are inclined to be humble or even silent because this is your preferred style, you can be seen to have nothing to offer, even though you really do!

So if you want to be recognised as the woman you are with great substance consider identifying situations where you are able to bring your relevant experiences by speaking up in meetings and offering your insights and pearls of wisdom

If you want to explore further ways you can elevate your unique substance book in for a complementary conversation with me! https://theascensiongroup.as.me/